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From Dream to Reality:
The Ngenbliss Journey of Turning Passion into a Thriving Skincare Brand

Hey there! I'm so pumped to share the story of Ngenbliss with you – our little venture born out of a mix of passion, experience, and a bit of pandemic-induced courage. The title might sound a bit dramatic, but trust me, it's just the vibe that got me off my chair and into action.

So, picture this: coming from a background that's more humble than flashy, I've worked my way through different sectors. But it was my time in the Perfumes and Skincare industry that really got me thinking, "Hey, why not start my own thing?" I've built brands from scratch for others, but that spark to do it for myself just wasn't there, until the whole world hit pause during the pandemic.

In those wild times, I decided to dive headfirst into my passion, backed by my background and a burning desire. And voila, Ngenbliss was born! We're an Indian beauty and wellness brand, and we're all about keeping it real – our skincare, hair care, and wellness products are made with natural extracts, and free from any funky chemicals.

Our mission is simple but huge – we want to bring people back to nature and help create a lifestyle that's both healthy and sustainable. We kicked off in October 2020 with just two products, and now we've got this awesome lineup of 16 magical goodies, with plenty more in the pipeline. It's all about affordable luxury with ingredients that are pure and timeless – no frills, just genuine natural goodness.

Oh, and did I mention? We're all about being kind – our products are cruelty-free, and we stick to certified ingredients. The whole manufacturing process? Totally by the book, following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) protocols.

Ngenbliss is our way of capturing the awesome gifts nature has to offer, mixing them up with a sprinkle of market research magic to create products that cater to your specific needs. So, here's to Ngenbliss – a journey fueled by excitement, inspired by nature, and dedicated to making you feel fantastic. Come join us in embracing the beauty and authenticity that our products bring. Cheers to the good stuff – let's dive into the world of Ngenbliss together! 

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Our Journey

We started our journey with just two products and now we have a widerange of products

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