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Ngenbliss’s Raw coffee body scrub is an excellent emollient scrub with a nourishing meld of all-natural ingredients like Arabica Coffee, Coffee Oil, Brown Sugar, and Coconut oil. Filled with the heavenly aroma of the coffee for all coffee lovers, our Raw Arabica coffee scrub will help you keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and radiant. It not only scrubs away the dead skin and leaves your skin even-toned but also helps enrich and rejuvenate your skin in numerous ways. •Reduce the appearance of CELLULITE •REDUCES STRETCH MARKS •DE-TAN •Reduce the appearance of WRINKLES •DETOX •EXFOLIATION •HYDERATION •COLLAGEN PRODUCTION

Ngenbliss RAW COFFEE BODY SCRUB | Detox & Exfoliation | 125g

SKU: 0741813535319
₹695.00 Regular Price
₹595.00Sale Price
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